Fingerprint Technician Training in Idaho

The duties of a fingerprint technician in Idaho also share responsibilities with latent print examiners. These duties are to perform advance latent fingerprint identification and evaluation, provide technical training of AFIS, administer latent fingerprint identification apprentice program, manage the Idaho portion of the multi-state AFIS latent database and perform related work.

Identification.  Perform complex and precise identification process of all lifted latent fingerprints and photographs of lifted latent prints to determine AFIS search and entry value (AFIS is a comprehensive, fully-integrated computer based system used for capture and input of fingerprint print images for comparisons to assist in the identification of criminals and to solve crimes); assign AFIS case numbers to each latent print for chain of custody tracking purposes; process through AFIS using expert knowledge to identify and use digital software to clean and enhance images; perform side-by-side comparisons; prepare reports concerning results of analysis and examinations; maintain the quality of the Idaho latent fingerprint database.  May present testimony in court concerning chain of custody, techniques used and results obtained.

Training Programs.  Train law enforcement agency personnel in the operation of AFIS; develop and present identification training for fingerprint technicians and administer knowledge based testing; administer the latent fingerprint technician apprentice program; maintain training documentation and records.

Data Management.  Serve as custodian for the master criminal fingerprint files of the state criminal history repository, resolve and correct issues to insure integrity.  Maintain and monitor the quality of the ISP Confidential Informant database; research and enter fingerprints; inform detectives of any “hits”; prepare reports.

Basic Requirements for Fingerprint Technician in Idaho

  • Knowledge of criminal justice processes involving the legal rights of citizens concerning arrest and disposition of records; criminal records and AFIS system.
  • Science of fingerprint identification and comparison.
  • Comparing and classifying fingerprint data, making fingerprint identifications, and processing latent prints (generally obtained through 3-5 years of fingerprint experience and successful completion of a latent print identification apprenticeship program).
  • Interpreting and applying federal and state laws and regulations, court decisions, and statutory proposals as they apply to fingerprint identification and the storage and release of confidential criminal history information
  • Training and evaluating the work of other fingerprint technicians.

Fingerprint Technician Training in Idaho

Current Latent Print Certification or Tenprint Fingerprint Certification issued by the International Association for Identification will substitute for the required training and experience.

Online Fingerprint Technician Training

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