Fingerprint Technician Training in Virginia

The general definition of the work of a fingerprint technician in Virginia is to perform technical work in the analysis, classifying, coding and cataloging of latent and identified fingerprints.

Work involves operating computer systems to catalog, file and input fingerprint records into three separate databases.

Fingerprint technicians process, analyze and compare latent finger and palm prints, receive known fingerprints and palm prints, and latent prints from various sources that concern the field of identification, analyze known discriminating features of each print, classifies each print and codes each print for recording and prepares index card for computer.

Fingerprint technicians also prepare evidence for court presentation, prepare camera-ready artwork and/or computer proposed images for trial testimony for display in court, prepare photographic displays or enlargements to be used as court exhibits and provides expert testimony in court concerning the identification of latent impressions.

They maintain detailed filing systems and records and classifies fingerprint cards and search files in identifying suspects and for duplicate prints to match with suspect prints in various ways. They classify fingerprint cards, operate Automated Fingerprint Identification Computer System (AFIS) to analyze and input latent and linked fingerprint records, photograph known fingerprints and latent evidence for subsequent analysis and/or searching, and classifies, codes and searches inked or known fingerprints using the Henry Classification System. They operate AFIS computer systems to input and search known and latent fingerprint data.

They also perform varied clerical duties and communication functions to facilitate coordinated fingerprint data in the crime analysis effort. They may take fingerprints from selected persons as requested or may process evidence for latent impressions as requested, process daily arrest forms, and correlates FBI and CCRE returns. Lastly they compare latent finger and palm prints to known fingerprints and palm prints to develop suspects.

Basic Requirements for Fingerprint Technician in Virginia

Any combination of education and experience equivalent to graduation from high school, supplemented by successful completion of courses in fingerprint/palm print analysis and classification, latent print analysis, latent print comparison and identification.

Fingerprint Technician Training in Virginia

Virigina Community College System
ADJ 171 Forensic Science I. Introduces the student to crime scene technology and procedures for sketching, diagramming and using casting materials. Surveys the concepts of forensic chemistry, fingerprint classification identification and latent techniques, drug identification, hair and fiber evidence, death investigation techniques, thin-layer chromatographic methods, and arson materials examination.

Online Fingerprint Technician Training

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