Friction Ridge Skin

Friction ridge skin is present only on our hands and feet. It is comprised of ridges and furrows that allow us to grab objects. If we did not have friction skin, objects would simply slip between our fingers and toes. Friction skin is present from the time a fetus reaches 4 months inside the mother’s womb, and does not deteriorate until after we die. Women have softer friction skin than men.

Epidermis and Dermis

The epidermis is the outer layer of our skin. The epidermis is constantly being worn away and replaced by new skin generated by the upper layer of the dermis – a papillary layer (stratum mucosum) which is the source of the ridges known as ‘papillary ridges’. The sweat glands, located in the dermis, discharge sweat at the skin surface through sweat pores found at the top of the ridges.

The dermis is the inner layer of our skin, this is where are fingerprints originate. It is impossible to erase our fingerprint by destroying the epidermis layer, you must also destroy the dermis layer. The dermis eventually becomes our epidermis as our skin regenerates.

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