Fingerprint Technician Training in Arizona

The fundamental duties of a Fingerprint Technician in Arizona are the acquisition, classification, searching, comparison, identification and filing of fingerprints, either manually or via the Arizona Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AZAFIS).

Additional duties include:
  • recording information in various administrative logs
  • filing and maintaining fingerprint cards
  • operating a remote computer terminal for query and data entry
  • Some positions assist Latent Print Examiners by entering high quality latent prints obtained from crime scenes into the AFIS system, and correcting quality control of minutiae points of major case prints.

Basic Requirements for Fingerprint Technician in Arizona

Basic education required by most law enforcement agencies in Arizona consists of graduation from a FBI, or equivalent, 40-hour Fingerprint Classification course or formalized college course work in the area of fingerprint identification, criminalistics and evidence technology.

The FBI 40 hour Fingerprint Classification course syllabus includes:

  • Identifying Loop, Whorl and Arch patterns
  • Loop ridge counting 
  • Major characteristics of fingerprints (cores, deltas, type lines)
  • Whorl tracing
  • Henry Classification System
  • Taking ink and roll impressions
  • A person entering this career field should have education or experience that supplied them with the necessary knowledge or ability to:
  • Classify and identify fingerprints based on methods and practices of standard fingerprint classification.
  • Take fingerprint impressions for the purpose of obtaining quality tenprint cards or automated Livescan fingerprint records.
  • Make decisions based on analysis of detailed visual images.
  • Learn extensive statutes, rules, regulations, policies and procedures pertaining to the use and management of information related to fingerprints and criminal history records.

Fingerprint Technician Training in Arizona

Maricopa Community Colleges
AJS 213 Evidence Technology/Fingerprints. Fingerprint identification, interpretation, and classification. The fundamentals of fingerprinting and the problems in developing latent prints, preservation of evidence and the chain of evidence. This class will satisfy the 40-hour Fingerprint Classification requirement needed.

Pima Community College
CSM104 Fingerprint Identification. Provides in-depth study and analysis of fingerprints and their comparative value. Includes fingerprinting history, basic pattern types, identification standards and protocols, fingerprint pattern interpretations, and classification systems.

Online Fingerprint Technician Training

We are now offering online Fingerprint Technician training! This self-paced course will walk you through all the skills needed to acquire a job as a Fingerprint Technician. You will learn how to identify and classify all types of fingerprints.

Many law enforcement agencies require this specific training in order to be hired as a Fingerprint Technician. Get the skills you need today!

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