Fingerprint Technician Training in Hawaii

Fingerprint technician in Hawaii performs technical work involving the examination of latent fingerprints obtained from crime scenes, analyzes and evaluates prints in order to establish identification of suspects, and performs other related duties as required.

Example of Duties:

  • Examines and evaluates latent fingerprints.
  • Compares latent prints with inked prints of suspected offenders through manual and/or automated means.
  • Makes evaluations of matching ridge characteristics and forms opinion on identification of suspect.
  • Maintains file of unidentified latent prints for future comparisons with possible suspects.
  • Destroys unsuitable prints.
  • Instructs others in latent fingerprint work.
  • May testify in court as an expert witness on fingerprint identification.
  • Analyzes, classifies, extends, and files criminal, civil, and juvenile inked prints using the Henry and other automated fingerprint identification systems.
  • Maintains files and control logs of prints.
  • Maintains and updates covered offender registration and filing systems; processes fingerprints and mug shots.
  • Maintains files of photographic records and modus operandi mug shots.
  • Prepares photo line ups and photographs for court exhibits.
  • Handles firearms and extracts fingerprints.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

Knowledge of: Fingerprint patterns and references, fingerprint characteristics and fingerprint comparison methods and practices, criminal history record keeping, and functions/activities of criminal justice agencies and their processes in relation to the Criminal ID Section.

Ability to: Learn fingerprint classification, search and filing methods and practices using the Henry System of fingerprint classification; and independently consolidate/file criminal history records/arrest charge documents.

Basic Requirements for Fingerprint Technician in Hawaii

Training and Experience: A combination of education and experience substantially equivalent to graduation from high school and from four (4) years of fingerprint classification work, one (1) of which shall have involved the analysis of latent fingerprints.

Knowledge of: the Henry and other automated fingerprint identification systems, fingerprint classification formulas, symbols, and terminology, methods and techniques involved in latent print comparisons.

Ability to: classify, code, and compare fingerprints, independently determine identity of persons through latent prints, instruct others in the Henry and other fingerprint classification systems, express facts clearly, orally and in writing, give and follow oral and written instructions.

Special Working Conditions: Shift and weekend work as required.

Physical Requirements: Persons seeking appointment to positions in this class must meet the health and physical condition standards deemed necessary and proper to perform the essential functions of the position with or without reasonable accommodations.

Physical Effort Grouping: Light

Fingerprint Technician Training in Hawaii

Hawai’i Community College
AJ 103  Criminal Investigations. This is an introductory course in criminal investigations. The nature of investigations, fingerprint classification, the role of the laboratory, and specific offense investigation will be explored. The class will also discuss interview and interrogation and search and seizure techniques.

Online Fingerprint Technician Training

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