Fingerprint Technician Training in Washington

In Washington the fingerprint technician performs advanced technical inked fingerprint identification and criminal records work consisting of classifying, comparing, searching, and verifying fingerprints of unknown persons and crime suspects according to acceptable methods. Assists in training other fingerprint technicians. Some examples of duties include:

  • Classifies fingerprint cards according to the Henry System, Alphanumeric, NCIC, or modifications ofthese methods required by the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)
  • Previews paper fingerprint card submissions for acceptable quality fingerprints; rejects poor quality submissions
  • Operates electronic card scanner and data input terminal to initiate paper fingerprint searches
  • Operates fingerprint workstation to conduct quality control and visual verification of AFIS searches
  • Searches new fingerprints that were checked against the name file with negative results through the master fingerprint file for the purpose of determining whether they are those of persons whose prints are already in file under a different name
  • Compares fingerprints on rearrest cards with the indicated fingerprint records already in the section files
  • Verifies other technicians’ fingerprint classification and verification, both manually and electronically
  • Conducts complicated comparisons and searches
  • Checks work of Fingerprint Technicians 1 and assists in their training
  • Takes fingerprints
  • Gives instruction to public and private sector in how to take fingerprints (Fingerprint Rolling Training)
  • Prepares and enters latent print tracings for AFIS search
  • Receives training in effective courtroom testimony; may present testimony on latent print or inked fingerprint comparisons

Basic Requirements for Fingerprint Technician in Washington

High school graduation or GED equivalent AND completion of one or more courses in fingerprint science or fingerprint classification AND three years of technical fingerprint classification experience in the identification section of a law enforcement agency.

Technical fingerprint classification experience is defined as experience requiring the application of the basic technique of fingerprint science in determination of pattern types through ridge counting, whorl tracings, and use of the Henry Method of Classification (with FBI extensions).

Knowledge of:

  • Techniques of fingerprint science in the determination of pattern types, ridge counting, and whorl tracing and of the Henry Method, with FBI extensions, of classification.

Ability to:

  • Learn to take fingerprints
  • Learn advanced techniques of fingerprint science; assist in training Fingerprint Technicians 1

Fingerprint Technician Training in Washington

Current Latent Print Certification or Tenprint Fingerprint Certification issued by the International Association for Identification will substitute for the required training and experience. 

Online Fingerprint Technician Training

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