Fingerprint Technician Training in Missouri

A fingerprint technician in Missouri performs work of moderate difficulty involving the classification, searching, comparison, and filing of criminal and applicant fingerprints. They work under general supervision and are expected to adhere to established rules, policies, and procedures. Some examples of duties include:  

  • Classifies, compares, and interprets criminal and applicant fingerprint impressions.
  • Fingerprints individuals for job applications, liquor license, National Guard, etc.
  • Searches and verifies positive match against fingerprints previously placed in system.
  • Searches fingerprints in the Automated Fingerprint Information System for records on new classifiedfingerprints.
  • Matches fingerprint information manually and via computer terminal; updates and files fingerprint cards.
  • Retrieves double-set fingerprint files and determines which state identification number will be retained; combines data and files by assigning one number; retrieves deceased files; reviews data for completeness; verifies prints for positive match; destroys files according to division policy.
  • May testify in a court of law on matters relating to fingerprint identification.
  • Performs general office duties (e.g., filing data, sorting mail, keeping track of data through filing system).
  • Operates standard office equipment (e.g., AFIS video terminal and keyboard, telephone, copier, fax machine, Livescan, Cardscan, shredder, etc.).
  • Performs other duties relating to entering and retrieving criminal history information, as assigned.

Basic Requirements for Fingerprint Technician in Missouri

The following represents the minimum qualifications used to accept applicants, provided that equivalent substitution will be permitted in case of deficiencies in either experience or education.)

  • Graduation from a standard high school or possess a GED
  • At least one year experience as a Fingerprint Technician or comparable experience.
  • Ability to type at a rate of 40 words per minute with ten (10) errors or less.                           
  • Must possess certification for MULES, AFIS, and Livescan.
  • Fingerprint technicians must also possess a valid Missouri drivers’ license, and pass a comprehensive background check necessary to have access to criminal record systems.

Fingerprint Technician Training in Missouri

Current Latent Print Certification or Tenprint Fingerprint Certification issued by the International Association for Identification will substitute for the required training and experience.

Online Fingerprint Technician Training

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