Fingerprint Technician Training in Iowa

A fingerprint technician in Iowa performs technical work involving the classification and editing of fingerprints on the automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS) for persons arrested, institutionalized, or applying for specialized employment; operates AFIS and fingerprints in accordance with standards of the trade; performs related work as required.

Here are some example of the fingerprint technician duties:

  • Enters, classifies and edits fingerprints into the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) which have been submitted by law enforcement agencies, state institutions, and other state departments.
  • Classifies fingerprints using the Henry and NCIC (National Crime Information Center) Systems.
  • Compares tenprint cards against other tenprint cards for possible identification as well as tenprint cards against unsolved latents on the AFIS.
  • Searches fingerprints against a master file to identify them with any fingerprints already on file, in accordance with standards of the trade.
  • Files fingerprints in proper classification within the master print file, purges and updates master fingerprint file.
  • Places “FBI Stops” in AFIS when received by FBI.
  • Testifies in court as an expert witness regarding the comparison of fingerprint cards in order to prove an individual’s identity in a specific matter.
  • Takes rolled fingerprint impressions of persons applying for certain state employment and admission to the Iowa State Bar Association.
  • Assists in training other employees of state agencies in the taking of rolled fingerprint impressions.

Basic Requirements for Fingerprint Technician in Iowa

  • Knowledge of “Henry” and “NCIC” fingerprint classifications.
  • Knowledge of computer operations.
  • Knowledge of the techniques and procedures of taking rolled fingerprint impressions.
  • Ability to classify, file, and search for fingerprints in the master fingerprint file.
  • Ability to enter and edit fingerprints into AFIS.
  • Ability to compare like characteristics of inked fingerprint impressions to determine whether or not they were made by the same individual.
  • Ability to testify regarding fingerprint comparisons during grand jury and preliminary hearing proceedings.
  • Ability to provide the FBI with necessary information.
  • Ability to maintain composure while under cross-examination in a court of law.
  • Ability to train new employees.
  • Ability to testify in court.

Fingerprint Technician Training in Iowa

Current Latent Print Certification or Tenprint Fingerprint Certification issued by the International Association for Identification will substitute for the required training and experience.

Online Fingerprint Technician Training

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